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Empowering Progress: Tutoring Intervention
With A+ Tutoring, Inc.'s proven expertise, students receive personalized guidance to overcome academic challenges and excel.
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Guiding Growth: Counseling Services
Our counseling services offer compassionate support for students navigating personal and academic challenges.
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About us

Our Journey: Educating Minds, Empowering Futures

Founded in 1994 by educator Muffi Chanfrau, A+ Tutoring, Inc. has been a cornerstone of academic support in Volusia County, Florida, for over 30 years.

From humble beginnings in Ormond Beach, our commitment to excellence has flourished, serving the community, private schools, and the Volusia County School District.

Muffi Chanfrau


30th Anniversary

Tutoring Services

Most prominent side is our powerful courses

Unlock academic potential with tailored tutoring across diverse subjects and grade levels.

Excellence Recognized

Over 25 years of dedication to exemplary education, honored with numerous awards and accolades.

Tailored Tutoring Solutions

Personalized tutoring interventions designed to address specific learning needs and foster academic success.

Compassionate Counseling Support

Empowering students through compassionate counseling services, guiding personal and academic growth.

Title I Pioneer

Leading the way in Title I tutoring, pioneering effective programs to support student learning and achievement.

Team member

We feel very proud for our great achievement

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Student Success Stories

Explore inspiring narratives of academic achievement and personal growth from our students.
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