Assessment for Math and Reading

Assessment for Math and Reading


iReady diagnostic pinpoints what students know and where they need support with adaptive Reading and Mathematics assessments for grades K-12 align with the BEST standard.


  1. Online, computer adaptive test, in multiple choice questions.
  2. Reading and Mathematics sections


  1. The testing could be up to two hours depending on the student.
  2. If the student cannot finish the test in one session, the student may continue at the next scheduled session.


Reading: Vocabulary, comprehension, and literary skills
Mathematics: Problem solving, reasoning, and conceptual understanding
Scoring: Computer adaptive scoring adjusts difficulty based on student performance.
For Grades 9 – 12 – students can be assessed by subject area.

Testing Schedule

Held twice a month, on the second and last Saturday of each month at the tutoring center, located at 617 S Yonge St, Ormond Beach, FL. The student must complete the test in order to receive the comprehensive result.



  1.  $80 per evaluation with one-time diagnostic license
  2.  $105 per evaluation with progress monitoring license, meaning the license is registered to the student for future tutoring with a personalized learning path.

Learn more about i-Ready Assessment: https://curriculumassociates.com/programs/iready-assessment

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